The Second General Committee Meeting Tomorrow!

15 Oct

The 2nd meeting will be Wednesday, October 16 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm at 405 Ell Hall, ISSI Lounge.  Get excited!  We’re having Breakfast for Dinner! It’s the ISSI Carnevale Pajama Planning Party Meeting.  Please feel free to wear your pajamas!  Appropriate attire, please.

At this meeting, we will cover the following agenda items:

I. Co-chairs present respective signature events

II. Amy Aitken and Chongpu Zhang present marketing/communication plan 

III. Describe possible past events that committee members can lead

IV. Allow committee members to sign up for teams

V. Remember:  Event Proposals are due November 1

VI. Next meeting:  THURSDAY,   OCTOBER 24 at 5:30 in Curry Student Center 318.

VII. Questions/Concerns

If you have any good ideas, any questions, or anything you want to share to make this cultural event excellent, just join us! We are looking forward to seeing you all here!


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