Co-Chair 2014

Lichao 1
Lichao Xia is from China, and she studies Environmental Engineering as a graduate student. This is her second year studying at Northeastern University. Since the Carnavale is a mixed-culture event, she would like to rich her international experience and make lots of friends from different countries,  and also to share her country’s culture with all of you.  She also thinks this is an opportunity for her to be more engaged in the ISSI big family and improve herself for event planning. She expects that there will be  more creative and exciting events in 2014, and more student organizations will join to expand the Carnavale.

Lichao is in charge of ISSI International Ball.

Amirali Sanatinia is a Computer Science PhD student here at Northeastern and he did his BSc at University of St Andrews, Scotland. It was a great life experience to meet many new people from different cultures and background, which gave him a new perspective and appreciation. He looks forward meet all of you and and work with the fantastic team for Carnevale 2014.

Armirali is in charge of ISSI International Fashion Show.

Danielle Rosenbaum
Danielle Rosenbaum is a Sophomore at NU with an interest in business and supply chain management. She first got involved with ISSI last year by helping the Carnevale Planning Committee and running the Sweet Satisfaction event. At the beginning of the year she helped run several ISSI welcome week programs as an International Student Leader, and she plans to continue her involvement with ISSI as a Carnevale Co-Chair member. When it comes to ISSI events, Danielle loves the people, the planning, and the food!

Danielle is in charge of ISSI Carnevale Kick-Off, and Ice Carving Competition.

Anis Abdulle is a 5th year senior studying Psychology in the college of Science. Anis, a native of Somalia, came to the US during his sophomore year of high school after spending years in Ethiopia and Kenya, and is a graduate of the Boston Public Schools system. Anis has been involved in ISSI programmings in various roles as an orientation leader (ISL), student staff and a member of previous ISSI Carnevales both as a co-chair and planning committee member. Anis is an avid supporter of the soccer team Arsenal FC of the English premier league.

Anis is in charge of ISSI International Gala Night, and Soccer Tournament.


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